You have fought through covid-19/coronavirus and have come back triumphant. Finally your stress is over. But, is it?

coronavirus – the new enemy

How does our body recover from covid-19?

Once you are infected with coronavirus/covid-19 , the body’s immune system quickly tries to defeat the virus by forming antibodies. In certain diseases, immunity may be developed for life( eg; chicken pox) while in others they may last for a shorter duration.

I have already recovered from covid-19, can i get it again?

Studies are still underway as to how long the body can be protected from re-infection. But, the probability of you falling ill with covid-19/coronavirus is still quite high. Many patients in China and the UK are getting reinfected. But, the status of immunity in Indians still requires study.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Continue with self protection. This includes, using masks if you are infected, maintain social distancing, keep your mental state healthy with meditation and physical health at its peak with regular exercise.

Some current symptoms of Covid-19.

The coronavirus is continuously changing, having different symptoms each time. Currently, diarrhea and stomach issues with fever have also started. Also, a new addition to these symptoms is conjuctivitis, that is, eye infections.

Will a vaccine really help coronavirus/covid-19?

Once we obtain a vaccine, things do get easier , but certainly not back to normal. Since, the covid-19/coronavirus is constantly mutating(changing symptoms), we will have to take the vaccine every few months or even each year. Also, what we must take into consideration is how effective the vaccine will be. Where, a measles vaccine is 95-98 percent effective,the influenza(aka, normal cough and cold) vaccine is just 40-60 percent effective. This means that, even after a vaccine is introduced, certain norms of social distancing and self protection will have to be employed. This is something no one speaks of. A vaccine does NOT mean things go back to being EXTREMELY safe.

So, what do we do now?

We are entering into an important phase of this pandemic. Its possible we will have to change our way of life. So, we will have to maintain social distancing and self preservation. We must encourage work from home, and adapt to this new type of life. Meditate, eat healthy , sleep well and exercise.

This is very stressful, is there anything positive in this?

Luckily, for us, coronavirus has a low death rate, and maximum people are recovering. So, Why bother and bring down our economy by shutting down markets? Coronavirus infects a large number of people at a time, putting a lot of pressure on our health infrastructure. We cannot admit lakhs of people, in an area where hospital beds are in hundreds. Hence, be a responsible citizen and follow rules of social distancing and wear a mask. A mask should not be worn only during heavy exercise, else it can be worn EVERY SINGLE DAY. It will not reduce blood oxygen level.

How homeopathy helps

Homoeopathy is a science of working on your immunity. With continuing your homoeopathic medicine , your immunity stays at its peak . We, ourselves are handling lot of Coronavirus patients and seeing quick improvement with medicine.

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