Homeopathy and Coronavirus treatment is one of the major debates in the healthcare industry. The pandemic is slowly and gradually taking over the World. Moreover, it is putting pressure on our health infrastructure and world economy. Let’s see the use of homeopathy in coronavirus.

Protective measures for Coronavirus

It’s of utmost importance, for covid-19 cure,that you follow the usual measures of social distancing, using reusable masks. (Our environment cannot take anymore of single use medical supplies than needed)Besides that, we also need to use the useful tool of homeopathy.

Also, a healthy diet and good exercise is as important as medicine to keep your immunity in check. Do regular meditation to keep your mental health at its peak. This time is quite stressful and maintaining good mental and physical health should be your first priority.

Government guidelines that must be followed for coronavirus homeopathy

Homeopathy is a science based on the law of nature. It lightly nudges the immune system to do what it does best, protect us from all viruses and infections. Homeopathic cure does not have any side effects, which means, it doesnt create symptoms in other parts of the body. For example, taking allopathic medicines for diabetes can cause kidney problems. However, if taken without proper supervision,it can cause worsening of only your disease. Also,it is so safe, that we give it to pregnant women and even small new born babies.

Homeopathy and Coronavirus treatment by the Government.

Now, lets understand the widespread use of Arsenic and camphor for covid-19 treatment. As per government guidelines and subsequently explained by AYUSH ministry, Arsenic should be given as an immunity booster against covid-19. Furthermore, its important to note that dosage should only be taken as instructed by a homeopathic doctor.

Instructions for use of homeopathy treatment in Coronavirus.

Now, let’s understand what you should be doing, if you feel you are developing symptoms of covid-19.

Firstly, check what symptoms you are having.

For instance, Fever with chills,Sore throat,Dry cough, Loss of taste or smell and Diarrhea.

These symptoms are usually indicative of covid-19. Yet, you might have only fever and no other symptoms.

Then, quickly contact a homeopathic physician. Do not self prescribe with any homeopathic medicine. In addition, do not take Arsenic or camphor, unless told by your physician.

Consequently, the doctor also will note down your symptoms and give you medication which you must continue to cure yourself.

Moreover, regular monitoring of temperature and spo2 (oxygen saturation) is of utmost importance and also to understand how homeopathic cure is proceeding.

Recent advances in clinical trials of homeopathy and coronavirus treatment has shown tremendous hope. We ourselves have been managing coronavirus patients with homeopathy. Furthermore, curing them at a faster rate without much complications. We believe in the efficacy of our science and as do 100 million people in India who only believe in homeopathy as their preferred mode of health care.

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