Mental health remains a repressed topic all around the world, inspite of it being one of the biggest silent killers all around the World. Moreover, it kills about 800,000 people every year making mental illness the second biggest cause of death in the World.

How to understand if your mental health is compromised.

You should never self treat in cases of mental illness. But, its not like pain that you will quickly realize it. Often, we see people living all their lives with mental illness and not understanding the need to ask for help.

So, how do you differentiate an anxiety disorder from “just feeling a little anxious” or understand the difference between depression and “sadness”.

There are many different types of mental illnesses, which if you want to go in a theoretical direction. Most common being Anxiety disorder and Clinical depression.

How to know whether what you have is a short duration episode or something much staying for much longer.

Mental health and feelings of tremendous fear

-Have you been feeling emotions of panic, palpitations and tremendous fear but more than two weeks at least where it is causing problems in your day to day activities? Please consult a doctor immediately.

Mental health and Loss of interest

Have you been feeling excessive loss of interest in activities which your previously enjoyed? Or, you don’t feel like engaging in social activities, have been having loss of sleep or excessive sleep? Or having these episodes last for at least two weeks at a time? Please consult a doctor immediately.

Mental health and traumatic incident

Have you faced a traumatic event in your life? Like death of a loved one, or assault or even a divorce or loss of a relationship? As a result of this experience have been facing excessive worry, panic , low moods for more than two weeks? You require further assessment and contact your workplace counselor or school counselor immediately.

Mental health and anxiety before new things

-Do you sometimes feel worry before an exam, or an interview, or even a which can look like loss of sleep the night before, palpitations or even abdominal discomfort? If this passes away as soon as the activity is over, you don’t need to worry. But, you must contact a health care professional if you feel these episodes are lasting longer and as a result you cannot perform activities which you were able to quite easily before.

Mental health and excessive mood swings

If you are feeling mood swings which are extreme, and causing excessive happiness and alternating with severe sadness, for more than two weeks at a time, for at least two months. Mood swings before or during your period is not indicative of bipolar disorder. Quickly meet a psychologist.

Mental health and hearing voices or seeing things

If you feel like you see images, hallucinations or hear voices, you must talk to a psychiatrist immediately.

Taboo around the mind

All over the world, mental health and talking about mental illness is a taboo. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide.

That means one in four people are suffering from some sort of mental illness!

How Homoeopathy helps!

It is our responsibility to understand the mind! Our entire science is based on THE MIND. We prescribe medicines on the basis of your mind and understanding your habits and nature. So, automatically, we also cure your mind. Even if you don’t necessarily have a mental disease, we can improve the state of your mental health. Choose homeopathy for mental health than choosing to take anti depressants or anti anxiety pills which make you dizzy. You wont even have to continue this for life, like with psychiatrist medicines. Though the importance of counselling should also be included along with our medicines.


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