A skin disease is usually not life threatening, but can cause excessive irritation, anger and even sleep problems or mental health issues.

So, lets analyse a few skin ailments and see what you can do to take better care of them.



acne, skin disease
Acne – skin problem

Acne is a skin disease mostly seen in young adults (click on the links to see how each actually looks like)

  • Acne rosacea – which is redness of skin and inflammation. 
  • Cystic acne – These are large, painful pus filled pimples, which take a long time to heal. 
  • Whiteheads and blackheads – which are smaller in size and appear as black or white bumps, especially around the nose. 
  • Nodular acne – This is not red in colour, or have pus, and appear as large skin colored bumps on the face. 

location – face, back, neck. 

Acne in young adults

If you get few pimples on your face, especially around your menses, ignore it. It will mostly go away in your twenties. But, if your acne are large, painful and extremely red, DO NOT IGNORE IT. Treat it before it leaves scars. If with acne, you are getting hair fall, menstrual troubles, excessive weight gain or loss, or even facial hair(for women), you require further assessment for your skin disease.

Acne in Adults

We are sure you are wondering “I have never had acne in my teenage years, but now i am are getting these pimples which wont go away”. You have tried all types of creams, a thousand face packs but nothing seems to help. This can be caused by,

  • Have you been under excessive stress? Exercise , meditate and try to reduce stress. Talk to some friends, Talk to us! Homeopathy is great in reducing stress and maintaining good mental health.
  • Are you pregnant? Or recently delivered? Don’t worry, this acne will most probably pass in a period of 3-4 months,once you deliver your child or start getting menses regularly. If it still does not go away, meet you Homeopath immediately. 
  • Are you facing stomach problems, like constipation? Treating topically with over the counter methods wont help. You need to target the problem. Take an opinion from a doctor, or try to improve your gut health by eating greens, reducing dairy, reducing excessive salt intake and having at least 2 – 3 litres of water. 
  • Are you 45-50 years old? Have you been having hot flushes, or menstrual problems. You might be reaching menopause! These acne will pass over soon, but if they are painful or large you still will require homeopathic treatment. 
  • Are you over the age of 50, but still having acne? This SHOULD not be ignored. You could be getting acne like eruptions on your limbs and other areas of the body. Don’t ignore it, meet a doctor immediately. 

Urticaria – allergic rashes which come and go

Urticaria is a type of allergic skin disease which can come all over the body. They can appear in different ways. ( Click on the heading to see what each looks like) 

  • Cholinergic – they may appear like many insect bites all over your body. May even appear like “boils” but the most important thing remains, they come and go.
  • Wheals – These appear like large, raised, red eruptions anywhere in the body. They are excessively itchy, and might make you feel feverish or internal heat. 
  • Angioedema – With such rashes you may get swelling in your eyes or your face, with itching in your throat or itching in eyes. 

These are the most common type of urticaria. However, it may appear differently as well.Therefore, what you must remember is, 

  • These come and go. 
  • Are related to dust, some certain foods you eat, especially meat or sea food. 
  • May even be related to exposure to dust. 
  • Along with this, you may have had sneezing, itchy eyes or in general an allergic tendency. 
  • You may get such rashes even in pregnancy, talk to  you Gynaecologist immediately. Do NOT self prescribe.
  • You may be feeling excessive itchiness and feeling feverish  with weakness.

When do you need to worry

  • You are older than 50 and never had allergic tendencies. This requires assessment.
  • Have taken an injection/food item/allopathic drug and are having severe rashes, with swelling in body, and difficulty breathing? Go to a hospital NOW. 
  • You have always had such itch, but its excessive and all over the body. Visit a doctor NOW. 

Eczema and Psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis look very similar and are often difficult to differentiate on first glance. So, here are some differences. 


This is allergic in nature.

This is autoimmune.( where body attacks its own healthy cells.)

It can be aggravated by food, dust etc.

It is aggravated usually by stress.

Appears like this – click on this

Appears like this – click on this

Appears red, itchy and can be anywhere on the body.

Usually begins at joints like elbows, knees or ankles. It has dryness with scaling, bleeding.

Itchiness is severe.

Itchiness is severe, but there is equal amount of pigmentation as well.

These can be VERY difficult to treat and requires heavy dosage of steroids, immunosupressants, which can have many side-effects. Homoeopathy is a great option for such diseases as we have no side effects!


Ringworm is actually circular patches on the skin, which are very itchy, especially at night. Humid weather with excessive sweating causes maximum increase in these fungal infections. ( Ringworm is fungal).

ringworm , skin disease
Ringworm – skin disease

What you need to know.

  • These are seen more in – genital areas, covered parts of the body. 
  • Mainly,the more you sweat, the more it increases. 
  • Also,It might get better but come back again. 

How to maintain hygiene.

  • Have bath twice a day. 
  • Also,Wear cotton clothes, loose or breathable fabrics. 
  • Furthermore, This can spread to your family members. Hence , wash your clothes separately and do not share clothing or towels. 

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