Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care:

Feel Better not Bitter

Why Mothers prefer Homoeopathic Line of treatment:

  • No Harsh effects of medicines on children.
  • Can be given to child of One day old to elder Children.
  • Can be taken before, during and After Pregnancy with no side effects.
  • Medicines acts as Preventive as well as Curative Basis.
  • Our medicines act as Immune Modulators so multiple other medicines need not be given.
  • Acts best in acute conditions from simple tooth pain, stomach ache, earache, to recurrent allergies.
  • Any dose is not overdose of medicines
  • Easy to dispense to children, not messy as like other Syrups.
  • No bitterness but Better treatment.
  • Once a child understands it he, she can take medicines by himself.
  • Medicines have long expiry so can be kept for a brief period of time.
  • Overall treatment of child considering his behavior and Psyche is done thus having a Holistic approach to treatment.

Precautionary medicines are taken by mother as to immune Modulate themselves and their fetus, to avoid harboring any Diseases during their term.

Safe and Holistic

  • These medicines are not passed onto the child from mother’s milk so no side effects even if mothers are on our treatment.