We have been incredibly lucky to serve and cure many coronavirus patients during this pandemic. We have seen a wide range of symptomatology.

Though we are seeing a decreasing wave of coronavirus cases now, we cannot ascertain whether a second wave will arise, as has happened with USA or even European countries.

Recent studies on coronavirus

A group of scientists in the UK , tested antibodies of around 350,000 people and noted that antibodies disappeared, especially in asymptomatic patients. Hence, the probability of re infection remains high.

Patients treated on homeopathy vs vast array of medications

On treating many covid patients, we have noticed a recurring theme. Those patients who, remained in home quarantine and took homoepathy as well as only paracetamol, recovered beautifully.

While those, who were given heavy medications such as HCQ, long or heavy doses of antibiotics, anti parasitic or even anti viral medication have experienced extreme weakness and even stomach problems.

Could India also get a second wave of increased coronavirus cases?

European countries are seeing a sudden rise in covid cases. But, why is that ?

The probability that India could experience a second wave is still subject to study. But, the trend indicates that if it happens , it can be in the early months of 2020. The reasons for this are many. The most common being , the quick mutation of the virus, dropping temperatures, and the fact that antibodies of the virus are not lasting for more than a few weeks.

When homoepathy is a good choice ?

From our experience in this last 8-9 months, we have seen that cases which have taken homoeopathy have recovered faster, without any lasting side effects.

But, if you are developing a drop in spo2, along with severe breathlessness, or even any other added infection. Hospital admission is a must. Along with this homoeopathy can also be given for faster recovery as our science works very fast, and very well in even more complicated diseases.


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