What does sitting do to your body?

Humans, in general are not made for sitting for long periods. Instead we are engineered in such a way to be in constant movement. This aids digestion, improves metabolism, and reduces health risks.

So what happens when you sit for longer periods?

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Slower metabolism

When we sit for 30 minutes, our metabolism slows down by 90 percent. This leads to weight gain and lower energy expenditure.

Posture problems

When we sit in a wrong position for longer durations, it creates a change in spine position, puts undue pressure on neck and shoulders as well, increasing the risk of cervical and lumbar spondylosis.

Muscle weakness and breakdown

With constant standing, muscles begin to lose strength and tone. Eventually causing weakness of muscle. This causes you to be more prone to injury and losing balance.

Major health risks

It causes increased probability of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and even certain cancers.

So what can you do?

Try to get yourself a standing desk

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We spend most of our time working , and hence sitting for our work. So, using a standing desk , or walking as much as possible will really help. But, standing continously isnt useful either. Alternate between standing and sitting evry 20-30 minutes.

Walk everywhere

Just exercising doesn’t mean that it stops the bad effects of sitting. Daily exercise of minimum 30 minutes, in addition to walking is important. Get up from your seat often, even if its just to drink water.

Walk while you are on the phone, and walk from your seat every 30 minutes at least and walk for minimum 5 minutes. stretch a little and move your body.

Walking burns about 210 calories/hour, even if you are just talking on the phone. This will reduce lethargy, weakness and may even catapult weight loss!

Is sitting the new smoking?

This is a new health scare which has been making rounds now. Though standing has its own risks, but it is not as bad as smoking. The probability of cancer and heart diseases is much high in chronic smokers.


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