Ashwini Homoeopathy Cancer Care Center

Homoeopathy provides a alternative to chemotherapy especially in grade 4 cases of cancers. Homeopathy improves quality of life in more than 80 % cases. Doctors at  Ashwini Homoeopathy strive to there maximum capacity to give possible curative, preventive, palliative Cancer Care to our patients.

What is Cancer?

  • It’s a myth that it is a disease. It is just a reaction to the irreparable changes that takes place in cell production in our body.
  • Normally in our body 1 cell produces 2 new cells, but when this production is disturbed, where 1 cell produces more than 2 cells in a time, which cannot be controlled we term such a process as Cancer. Uncontrollable and Overproduction of Abnormal cells.
  • This abnormal production of cells thus disturb the normal functioning of the body giving rise to multiple complaints.

Switch theory: just for explanation:

  • When you enter a room, you have the lights and the fans, but to let it work u have to SWITCH ON the button.
  • In a similar way, each and every person in his body harbours the switch of Cancer in her or him.
  • Many causes, both mental and physical causes the switch ON in us leading to uncontrollable and overproduction of abnormal cells long ago in our body, before the actual symptoms are noticed.

Causes of cancer:

  • Most of the time the cause for initiation of the cancer process is not Known.
  • Cancer process starts way long back in the body of the person before the actual signs and symptoms are experienced by the person.
  • Yes , but there are causes which surely help cancer to worsen are:

Alcohol: stomach cancer

Hereditary: if have strong family history of cancer.

Drugs: pills to avoid pregnancies, oestrogen therapies. Steroids than decrease your immunity.

Tobacco: in Mouth, Lung cancer1

Injury: Mental and physical, testicular cancer after being hit, lung cancer.


Occupation: people working in chemical factories, Dyes, coal mines: have found with lung cancer, blood cancer.


Person who are Susceptible to Cancer

  1. It has been found that persons who express their inner feelings easily, or who doesn’t keep unnecessary things at heart will not have Cancer to much an extent, OR Vice Versa person who express their feeling, are Positive In life, Fight cancer and get Cured Of it very soon in life.
  2. From Mother to child: it has been seen that all such similar emotions when found during pregnancies leads to cancer in the delivering child, eg: children born with Brain tumours, Blood cancers, melanomas.
  3. Cancer is Uncontrollable and overproduction Of Abnormal cells: thus anything which is in excess in our body is Bad when its in excess be it good or bad.
    Suppressed Anger, Fear, fright

    Suppressed emotions: Silent grief, Prolonged Grief

    Sudden loss of property, Business

    Sudden loss of loved ones, in cases it may include loved Pets also.

    Prolong anxiety

    Anxiety about future, Insecurities

    Anxiety about Disease.

    Overambitious person.

    People who have faced too much of Insults

    Haughty and Egoistic person: who doesn’t forget and forgive easily

    Rape, and abused person.

    Prolonged Hatred

Manisha Koirala: famous actress and ModelManisha

Mumtaz: famous actress of 1970Mumtaz

Lisa Ray: Model and Actress suffering from breast CancerLisa ray

Yuvraj Singh: famous all time left handed CricketerYuvraj

Anurag Basu: famous director of today’s time


Prevention/ Fight/Defeat cancer:

  • Avoidance of these psychological and physical causes which precipitate cancer growth.
  • Start Communicating to your loved ones, Doctors
  • Try resolving your Inhibitions
  • Resolve all your issues relating Ego, Pride, Esteem, and Hatred.
  • Approach Councellors who help u to know yourself better.
  • Have a positive attitude towards life.
  • Accept holistic science Yoga, meditation.
  • Avoid being more strict with yourself.
  • Go with the Flow rather than being Resistant.
  • Start Accepting things in Life as they are, ultimately you have the Power to Change Yourself rather than others.

Homoeopathic role:

  • In Homoeopathy its Prime importance is to know WHY and WHAT in particular person has led him to suffer from a disease, be it from Cough and cold to Cancer.
  • This can be known by knowing the personality of a person like Angry personality, Impressionable, Offended easily, depressed, Emotional personality, selfish, overambitious, Anxious, nervous personality..Etc.
  • Medicines given are similar to the personality of the person thus rendering better cure and control.
  • Homoeopathic medicines can be given along with Chemo Therapy and radiotherapy.
  • Infact it has been found and proved that With Homoeopathic medicines side effects of Chemo and radio are decreased to much an extent thus allowing affected person to lead a better life ahead.
  • Cancer patients under chemo therapy have persistent side effects of severe Nausea, vomiting, Numbness of Hands and legs and Weakness. With homoeopathic medicines all these complaints are taken care of in a very short span of time, irrespective of stage of Cancer in a person.
  • It increases the overall immunity of the person thus helping to fight, control and cure disease.
  • If started the medicines in the initial stages the results are far much better than in the last stages.
  • Homoeopathic remedies work very well even in the last stages of cancer, where it acts as a palliative rather than curing or reversing it, thus increasing the present situation and state of health of the suffering person.
  • Medicines are Light On Pockets as compared to the cost at each and every step of treating Cancer.

Cancer Care in homeopathy can be classified in 5 stages.

  1. Localized First Stage :- In such cases results are excellent and we can expect complete Cure .
  2.  Lymph nodes Involvement Second Stage :- With aggressive line of treatment majority patients can be cured.
  3. Third and Forth Stage :- Spread to different systems and organs
  4. Fifth or terminal :- Wide spread metastasis major organ involvements like Liver, Lungs, Brain, Bone marrow :- palliative care and pain relief.

Practical Hints for Cancer Management and Treatment for Homoepathic Doctors:

Cancer treatment is totally a different ball game, compared to other diseases, which we treat. We follow law of minimum dose, minimum repetition, and constitutional remedy approach. It works in some cases but in majority of cases we land up in failures. Why So ?

After going through cases in which I have failed and successful, have to come to following conclusion.

1. CCancer Can be cured onstitutional remedy, minimum repetition and high potency :- works best in first stage of cancer with no or minimum metastasis. Characteristic symptoms are prominent, prescriptive symptoms are present. Miasm predominant Psora or Psoro Syphylitic.

2. Constitutional remedy, low potency with repetition, plussing method or LM potency :- Patient shows characteristic symptoms, but has taken chemotherapy / undergone surgery . Vitality is becoming weak, thermals have not changed, mental and physical generals still prominent. Miasm predominant Psoro-sycotic or Sycotic.

3. Constitutional remedy with use of inter-current antimiasmatic remedy :- Strong family history of cancers. Intercurrent remedies which I found to be useful are . • Scirrhinum : – History of Worms • Carcinocin :- Strong Domination history running in families. • Thuja :- History of warts or tumours which appear wart likes. • Tuberculinum/ Bacillinum :- History of Tuberculosis. • Folliculinum :- Breast Cancer which ERCP positive. Patients on tamoxifen or Femera .

4. State remedies/Oragano Specific Remedies: – Thermals / generalities of persons are changed totally, constitutional remedy will not work, in fact it can cause aggravation and patient may succumb. These cases normally have metastasis, with involment of Liver, lungs, skeletal System. They have undergone Chemotherapy/ Radiotherapy/ Surgery. Relapsed cases . In these cases, we will need remedies which have specific action on that particular organ. For eg Phytolacca, Asteria Rubens , Grafitis, Conium, Kreosotum in breast cancer. If the organospecific remedy matches with general disposition or Psora or is complementary with constitutional remedy, you will get excellent results. LM potency and Plussing works wonderful in such cases

5. Terminal cases :- Olfaction or application of oraganospecific remedies can bring them out from stage 5 to 4 .

Most patient come to us either in stage 5 or 4 we prescribe constitutional remedies and land up in failures . If we can get patient out of crises from stage 5/4 .Characteristic symptoms will be given by patient, which can lead to cure.

Video Testimonials of cancer cases helped by Homoeopathy

Cancer Colon Operated. Had complaints of Excessive bloating of stomach with gas, Unsatisfactory stools, sometime Bleeding in stool.
Appetite very less, every food caused gas in in the stomach.
weakness, lethargyness, no fresh feeling in morning, Avoided lots of work due to the complaint.

Homoeopathy helped him to prevent side effects of Chemotherapy. His recovery is boosted more than 40 %

Case of cancer Esophagus
Difficulty in eating solid food, no complaints with liquid food
Diagnosed recently
Not on any chemo and radiotherapy
results were seen better by 20-30% in 15 days.

This video is about Makani case of cancer. Her tumor markers have become normal by homoeopathic treatment
All reports after treatment became normal.
weight gain, appetite better, feels happy than before.

Case of stomach Cancer she was not able to tolerate Chemotherapy . After 3 weeks of treatment her general condition has improved more than 80 %. She has got her confidence back

This video is about Anil Kumar Cancer Oesophagus who has been benefited by homeopathic treatment.
Before our treatment he use to eat food by grinding in Mixer. after treatment he has started eating boiled food, weakness has reduced considerably, Life has got a new start, Hope have improved