“The highest use of capital is not to make more money, but to make money to do more for the betterment of life.”

— Henry Ford

Ashwini Homeopathy Clinic believes in betterment of the society through all the possible efforts and resources defining their capability. Doctors at AHC have always strived to make the most of their eligibility into curing people from all classes of the society.

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Free Cancer Camp : Chembur

Narendra singh: 30 years/ Male
Case of Acute Lymphoid Leukemia (ALL)
Severe physical weakness since over a year.
Hemoglobin: 9 Gms, dropping down after every chemotherapy
Swelling in the right knee and subsequent hair loss after chemotherapy.
Stiffness of calves and soles leading to restricted movement.
Follow up:
Weakness has significantly improved
Hemoglobin was maintained between 9 and 10 Gms, post chemotherapy.
Less hair loss, Improved appetite, fresh feeling even after the chemotherapy.
Swelling in the legs has reduced, can roam for about One kilometer daily.

Cancer Patient reviews

Master Kishan jhaveri, 19/male
Case of CA Rectum with Colon

Anemic , he appears pale.
Vomiting every day, Continuous loose motions for days.
Deep ulcers in the mouth, Pain in the right side of stomach
Nails and soles after chemo have turned black.
Follow up:
Increased hemoglobin, no paleness. Weakness is better by 50%.
No nausea, loose motion and vomiting have completely stopped.
Ulcer in the mouth are less in number and less painful.
Appetite and sleep better, increased energy levels.

Mrs Shrimath Sahu, 52/F
Cancer of Gall bladder
Weakness, prostration, that patient doesn’t move from the bed, very less motility due to pain.
Regular Pain in the abdomen. Unsatisfactory and Black stool.
Lots of pain in the calves muscles.
Appetite is very less, doesn’t eat much in the whole day.
Follow up:
Appetite have significantly improved, Weakness is better by 75%.
Her motility have increased, she herself was roaming all over the room.
Stool have turned normal with no bleeding in it.
Pain in the abdomen is not at all present.

Mrs . Urmila Kesari, 48/F
CA ovary
Her CA 125 = 922 (less than 5).
Metastasis to lungs, liver and spleen.
Extreme weakness.
Continuous PV discharge.
Follow up:
Her CA 125 levels have come down from 922 to less than 500 in 20 days.
Pain due to metastasis in the legs have reduced to 60%.
Weakness have improved to the level that she has started doing daily chores by herself.
PV discharge has decreased.

Mrs. Manisha pitre 46/F
Case of CA rectum
Loose motions everyday 5-6 times a day alternating with constipation.
Bleeding in stool present.
Lost more than 10kgs weight in 3 months.
Weakness desire to rest all the time. Any exertion increases the weakness.
Chronic alcoholic, chronic smoker since more than 20 years.
Appetite not present, no desire for food.
Follow up:
Within 15 days of medicine appetite gained.
Loose motion stopped, normal stool.
Bleeding in stool stopped completely.
Weakness better, now came alone in the clinic travelling long distance.
In around 1 ½ month 3 kgs weight have increased.
Mentally feels like socialising, happy and not depressed.
Daily activities have improved.