Homoeopathy FAQs and Facts

1. Homoeopathy Acts Slowly!
This is only one side of the coin. Homoeopathy certainly acts fast when needed .In acute cases, when the right remedy is given at the right time and in right doses, homoeopathy acts fast, provided the patient gives the right picture of his ailment with his/her mental state. This certainly helps treat acute illness, for eg- if a patient has common cold with thirst for sips, great weakness along with restlessness, arsenic album will help to cure . In chronic and old cases it may take a time, e.g. Psoriasis. In acute attacks of asthma, homoeopathy can relive patients in few minutes but to remove the tendency / allergen/ triggering factor of asthma attack it takes time.
2. Homoeopathy Doesn’t Helps In Treating Infections!
It has been scientifically proved that homoeopathy works in all kinds of infection, provided the symptoms given by the patient is properly understood and interpreted, so as to reach the right remedy. In few cases ,where symptoms are few, one may have to resort to alternative line of treatment.
3. Homoeopathy Has Mere Placebo Effect!
It’s a science and we have records of how the drugs have helped people (infants to elders) and even animals. A placebo may help an individual psychologically to some extent, but it cannot cure chronic illnesses like Gout, Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc and even acute infections. For e.g. a tonsillitis case where tonsils are inflamed , there is a great difficulty in swallowing and high fever- a medicinal effect of merc solubilis will only help and not the placebo. Homoeopathy certainly shows dramatic results in many chronic and acute diseases. How can that be called placebo?
4. Homoeopaths Are Quacks!
Homoeopathy is a 5 ½ yr degree course approved by Universities in India .The curriculum includes Anatomy, Physiology, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Pathology, Pharmacy as well as Pharmacopoeia. All homoeopathic medicines effects have been monitored and proved for over 200 years and have been well documented.
5. Homoeopathy Initially Worsens The Symptoms And Then Cures The Disease/Medical Condition?
It is not true but a myth about homoeopathy. It can happen in few skin disorders which are not treated but suppressed. When you stop those medications and start with homoeopathy, the original skin disease reappears which can be wrongly interpreted as worsening of symptoms.
6. Does Homoeopathy Has Treatment For All The Diseases?
A frequently asked question to homoeopaths. Yes, it is a science that can treat all cases from simple cold to infertility. It can also reverse structural pathology and give good results. Only in surgical cases like hernia, accidents, fractures, dislocations, etc we may to refer to surgeons, when and where natural anatomy is at stake.
7. Why So Many Questions Are Asked For Simple Problems Like Cold How Are They Related To My Problem?
Homoeopathy has more than hundred medicines for simple cold and to come to a exact group of medicines, the detail and specific information is necessary. The mental as well as physical state has to be considered in both acute and chronic diseases so that it can be completely cured .Here, homoeopathy differs from other school of medicines. We don’t only treat the physique, but also treat the mental status which governs the diseases.
8. Does Homoeopathic Medicine Have Any Side Effects?
Homoeopathy medicines are absolutely safe for all age group i.e. from infants to old people and even in pregnancy. As explained above, both detailed physical and mental state of patient has to be considered for permanent and proper cure.
9. What Am I Supposed To Do If I Am Taking Some Treatment For My Existing Disease And What If I Get Some Acute Problems Like Cold During The Course Of Homoeopathic Treatment?
It all depends on what problem you are suffering from and for how long. If the treatment is for diabetes, thyroid, heart diseases or any other life threatening disease, you are supposed to continue it along with homeopathy. In course of time, we may think of tapering the dose and stop it slowly according to the patients’ response.
If You Have Any Acute Ailment, You Can Contact Us Or You Can Consult Your Family Doctor In Case Of Emergency. You Can Take That Medicine Along With Homoeopathic Medicine. To Update Your Case You Are Supposed To Inform Us Everything In Your Next Visit.