Homeopathy During Pregnancy

Role Of Homeopathy In Pregnancy :

Pregnancy is happiest and most stressfull even in life of female . During this period of women hood, she undergoes physiological, physical and Psycological changes. It is a turning point in women life in which every thing goes topsy turvy. She has to compensate for carrier, create a balance in her life which is swaying all the time from positive to negative .

Her mind, body goes through drastic changes which results in many physical and Psycological symptoms .She is not able to understand what is happening to her and doctors advice dont take allopathic medicines other than vitamins which could lead to problems to child. This makes situation more worse.

Homeopathic medicines are safest and help her to cope up with this turmoil. As homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural extracts in diluted forms they cannot cause any side effects . Females under homoeopathic medicines during pregnancy show significant relief in symptoms and have a safe and complication free delivery.

Precaution During Pregnancy:

During pregnancy there are lots of Physical and psychological changes which takes place in mothers body due to drastic change of hormones inside the body for better environment of the baby.

Some of the changes are Morning sickness:

Common treatment for morning sickness:

Common treatment for morning sickness:

Here these medicines will not only help the tendency of vomiting for first time mothers but also in female who have delivered earlier. Medicines taken during pregnancy are totally safe and can be taken throughout if it’s required.

Eg: ipecac, colchicum, Nux vom, sepia, etc.

  • Leads to low birth weight baby
  • Leads to premature baby delivery
  • Too much of stress leading to structural deformities in the baby.
  • Can affect metabolism of both baby and mother.

To pull down stress:

  • Accept the changes in your body.
  • Anxiety about the child should be curled by regularly talking to closed ones. Communication is the best remedy for single member or nuclear families.
  • Anxiety about labour should be discussed with already deliver mothers.
  • Joining similar groups of pregnant mothers will calm down all unnecessary questions and worries in female.
  • Stay calm and positive.
  • Moderate exercise is a must.
Nutrition: Necessary Throughout Pregnancy
  • Increase milk and milk products
  • Lots of liquid and increase water intake
  • Vit B 6, Vit B 12
  • Cereals , pulses, whole grain in meals
  • Vegetable and fruits which increases fibre content
  • Clean and hygienic food
Avoid During Pregnancy
  • Unpasteurised milk and products
  • Unpasteurised cheese and butter
  • Raw seafood
  • Raw or less uncooked non veg food
  • Processed canned food
  • Expiry dated food
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Cigarette
  • Unnecessary medicine unless prescribed by Specialized doctor.