Thyroid Care in Homoeopathy


It’s a Common endocrine disorder where the Thyroid gland doesn’t produces enough thyroid Hormone necessary for the body functions. Thus it’s called Hypo means less thyroid secretion.
Signs And Symptoms:
Thyroid gland swelling. First sign of Hypothyroidism.
Even mild or subclinical hypothyroidism has been associated with impaired fertility and an increased risk of miscarriage.
Thyroid Care in Homoeopathy
Thyroid Care in Homoeopathy
  • TSH
  • FREE T3
  • FREE T4.

These test should be regularly performed every 3 month to see the progress of disease control.

Homoeopathic Treatment:

Thyroid remedies:


  • Indicated for both hyper and hypothyroid
  • Person though eating very well, very good appetite still doesn’t increase in weight.
  • Very high metabolism of the body
  • Eats a lot, passes stool soon after eating, urinates a lot and perspires a lot.
  • Hurried, impatient, palpitation with slight amount of work done.
  • Cannot tolerate heat, gets very uncomfortable, wants fan always.


  • Females cannot retain pregnancy due to repeated efforts.
  • Tendency to repeated abortions
  • Anemia, weakness, tremor, palpitation, hairfall.
  • Craving for lots of sweets.
  • Skin disease with thyroid esp psoriasis.

Natrum mur:

  • Adapted to person having Goitre.
  • Here due to less of iodine in the salt thyroid takes place.
  • Less iodine lead to improper metabolism in the body leading to disturbances in absorption of contents from food we eat,
  • Excessive craving for salty food, requires salt more in food.
  • Depression tendency, suicidal tendency in thyroid.
  • Cries alone, doesn’t want company, aversion to people.

Baryta carb:

  • Height is not optimum for age.
  • Mentally not mature enough, childish though elderly aged.
  • Had not taken much responsibilities in life.
  • Cannot do much mental exertion as mental capacity is less.
  • Fixed ideas, obstinate personality, cannot change his behaviour inspite of repeated understanding.