It can be allergic or intrinsic. In most of the cases this problem begins in the childhood & it is allergic.It is common in all age groups.It is a chronic and repeated inflammation of the air ways (bronchi) that results in obstruction of air flow.It can happen suddenly or can be persistent. Emotional stress plays a major role as a trigger factor for an attack.

All complaints of the respiratory tract infection can be associated with very high fever, malaise and drowsiness. The homoeopathic medication prescribed takes care of the infection as well as the fever and other associated complaints
Asthma can be controlled and cured, depending on the stage and extent of the disease.

The following are some of the symptoms of asthma:

    Difficulty in breathing
    Mucus production
    wheezing in the chest

The most distressing symptom is the breathlessness or sense of suffocation, Some patients may not have cough or mucus production (expectoration) at all.

Homeopathic treatment

    Reduce frequency of asthmatic attacks
    Reduce severity of asthmatic attacks
    Reduce duration of attacks
    less need for bronchodilators, cortisone and antibiotic (in case of infections).
    In many patients, especially in children, homeopathic treatment can help get rid off all other medications.

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