Astrology & Homoeopathy

Horoscope, which is planetary position at our birth, is like our genetic map. It describes certain energy patterns based on the positions of the planets in the sky when you were born. These energy patterns are arrived at by thousands of years of research in the fields of astrology and experts can decipher those energy patterns effectively. These energy patterns rule your health and mind. The right health means the energy is flowing in a perfect harmony in our body. Horoscope offers accurate insights about our health to medical experts.

We are faced with diseases when the energy flow in our body is disturbed. Disease simply means “Not in Ease”. Diseases are caused when the harmony inside our body is disturbed. Homoeopathy tries to restore this harmony to cure the patient. Homoeopathic cure works on the whole body. A right homoeopathic treatment improves the sustenance in the patient to the diseases. Homeopathic medicines are like vaccines which improve general immunity of person rather than specific diseases. Taking the patients history so as to understand him/her as a person and how he/she is different from others is very important.

Experts at AstroHomoeopathy use your horoscope for healing you better and by exploring your often hidden traits. It is very much different from using the horoscope for prediction. Horoscope helps the experts understand the nature of the person and what is the key aspect which has to be covered in the medicine. The patient may lie but the horoscope which is based on mathematical calculations cannot lie and shows the true character for person helping us to give the right remedy. In children and genetic bad cases or premature children, autistic chiledren, where symptoms are rare to find, horoscope gives an insight helping in proper diagnosis.