Correlation between Homoeopathy and Astrology

Correlation between Homoeopathy and Astrology:


Understanding the basic constitution or genetic code of a person is the most challenging part in homoeopathy. As rightly said by Dr Praful Vijayakar, we have to elicit the psora in a case to understand the roots of person in homoeopathic analysis as we go from generals to particular, like:

  • Hot or chilly
  • Thirsty or thirstless
  • Speed
  • Conscientious and non-conscientious
  • Predominant miasm
  • Mental status

The same way, we have to analyze a horoscope.  Homoeopathic  analysis of a horoscope for prescribing  remedies would consist of  the following  parts:

  1. Rashi or signs
  2. Graha  or planets
  3. Bhavas or houses
  4. Nakshatra
  5. Dashas

Details will be followed in my future articles.

Constitution or genetic code is made by permutation and combination of the above factors.

First let us consider rashi and planets.



The zodiac or sky is divided into 360 degree, which constitutes of 12 rashis each of 30 degree

  1. Mesha or Aries
  2. Vrishubh or Taurus
  3. Mithun or Gemini
  4. Karka  or Cancer
  5. Simha or Leo
  6. Kanya or Virgo
  7. Tula or Libra
  8. Vrishchik or Scorpio
  9. Dhanu or Sagittarius
  10. Makara or Capricorn
  11. Kumbha or Aquarius
  12. Meena or Pisces

The 9 planets are:

  1. Sun or Ravi
  2. Moon or Chandra
  3. Mars or Mangala
  4. Mercury or Budha
  5. Jupiter or Guru
  6. Venus or Shukra
  7. Saturn or Shani
  8. Rahu
  9. Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are shadowy planets and have no material existence.

For constitutional prescription in homoeopathic remedies, understanding the patient is most important. In the same manner, in astrology, understanding nature of planets, houses and signs is important.

Once we understand the most prominent signs, houses and planets in horoscope of person, it is very easy to know his disposition, correlate with the case and find the remedy. Given below are brief introduction of the same.

Study of 12 Rashis :-

Rashis are classified in different ways:

  1. Male and female
  2. Movable, fixed and Dual
  3. Fire, earthy, windy and watery
Male Female
1 Aries or Mesha 2 Taurus or Vrishab
3 Gemini or Mithun 4 Cancer or Karka
5 Leo  or Simha 6 Virgo   or Kanya
7 Libra or Tula 8 Scorpio or Vrischik
9 Sagittarius or Dhanu 10 Capricorn or Makar
11 Aquarius or Kumbha 12 Pisces or Meena

1. (a)  Male :-  All odd number rashis are male – 1,3,5,7,9,11

Characteristic of male rashi as the name suggest are:

  1. Masculine in constitution
  2. Boldness or courage
  3. Egotism
  4. Ambitious
  5. Practical
  6. Leadership quality

(b) Female:-  All even number rashis are feminine -2,4,6,8,12

Characteristic of female rashi are:

  1. Feminine constitution
  2. Emotional in nature
  3. Affectionate
  4. Homely
  5. Compassionate
  6. Sensitive and Moody

Lagna is what the constitution and personality of person is and the position of the Moon signifies his/her emotions.

So just by knowing the lagna and moon signs of a person, we can tell whether the person is male or female dominant.

For example: If a person’s ascendant is Aries which is a male rashi and Moon is in Leo which also a male rashi, we can tell for sure that such a person is/has more male qualities. If he is a male it would be more pronounced and if the person is a female, she will have a personality and nature which is male dominant.

Movable Fixed Dual
1 Aries 2 Taurus 3 Gemini
4 Cancer 5 Leo 6 Virgo
7 Libra 8 Scorpio 9 Sagittarius
10 Capricorn 11 Aquarius 12 Pisces


2.(a) Movable Rashi :-

These are numbers-1,4,7,10,

Movable rashis as the name suggests- they do not like working from one place and have     lack of concentration and are always on the move. They are restless in nature and find   difficulty in concentration.

By just knowing that a person belongs to a movable sign, we can arrive to a conclusion as to the job he/she will be comfortable in. If you ask him/her to work in one place, the person will get bored. But given a job which involves travelling he/she will love it. They are more psoric dominant.

Rubrics :- travel desire , restless , lack of concentration .


(b) Fixed rashi :-

These are numbers- 2,5,9,11

These people like to sit in one place and work, don’t prefer much change and are very  focused . We can say that they are more psychosis dominant. They are good in research areas, have good concentration power and are persevering in nature but can be indolent.

(c) Dual Signs :-

These are numbers -3,6,9,12

These signs are ruled by Mercury and Jupiter .They can be movable at one time and fixed at other time. So, they are most flexible and can adapt to different situations. But this may lead to indecisiveness and delay in taking decisions.

Rubrics :-inconstancy, indecisiveness, capricious/impulsive and moody

Fire Signs Earthy Signs Windy Signs Watery Signs
1 Aries 2 Taurus 3 Gemini 4 Cancer
5 Leo 6 Virgo 7 Libra 8 Scorpio
9 Sagittarius 10 Capricorn 11 Aquarius 12 Pisces


3.Elements :-

(a) Fire signs:-They are 1, 5 and 9 – Aries  , Leo and Sagittarius respectively.

They belong to Dharma trikone.

As the name suggests these are hot constitutions and dominated by the fire element.

They are generally aggressive, ambitious, have leadership qualities, egoistic etc.

Rubrics are:- ambitious, easily gets angry, contradicts intolerant to, egoistic, positivity, etc.

(b)Earth element:-  They are 2,6,10 – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn respectively.

They belong to Artha trikone .

Means related to  food , money ,  resources ,work etc.

Rubrics :- fastidious, anxiety for money matters, cautious , business aptitude etc.

(c)Wind element:- They are 3,7,11 – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius respectively.

They belong to Kama Trikone.

These are intellectual signs and like to show or exhibit there qualities .They want the attention of the audience like actors, performers and even scentists who want to show their  knowledge.

Rubrics:- Lamenting for appreciation, attention seeking, hysteria, desire of company,  making verses.


(d)Water element :-  These are 4,8 and 12 –Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces respectively.

They belong to Moksha trikone.

These are emotional and sensitive signs .They are worrisome and think a lot about  small  problems. They are nature lovers and preservers and are very emotional.

Rubrics :- sensitive ,affectionate, brooding , hatred towards persons, gets offended

easily , etc.

So, now we are ready with first level of diagnosing a constitution, whether the person is male or female , movable fixed or dual , and which element dominates his/her personality.

So, the first level of classification of individual which will show his basic trait has been covered.

I have mentioned all the signs and their characteristics in the above picture for proper understanding.

We will be dealing in rashi one by one in next articles .

To summarize the above with an example,

If a person who is  an Aries dominant i.e,  whose Lagna is Aries or has more planets in Aries sign will have characteristic of Male personality who will not prefer a static  job (movable) ,will be ambitious and have leadership quality .