Role of Astrology in Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy – A Holistic Challenge

The innumerable number of existing Homoeopathic remedies is daunting – over a thousand with similar symptoms. Since a classical Homoeopath arrives at the remedy by looking at the patient as a whole, any individual could possibly need any of those thousand-plus medicines. This presents the biggest challenge in Homoeopathic practice.

A Homoeopath has to understand the patient in sufficient depth to perceive how he/she is different from other patients to select the one medicine that most closely matches the symptom of the patient.

Astrohomoeopathy – The Holistic Art of People & Planets


In Astrohomoeopathy, which is a beautiful blend of Astrology and Homoeopathy, the horoscope serves as an invaluable diagnostic tool to provide a unique insight into the patient’s mental, emotional and physical makeup, which is indicated by the placement of planets in various signs and houses at the time of birth.

Each planet and its sign have certain characteristics, which may be weak or strong, depending on their placement in the horoscope. By matching these characteristics of the planets and their signs with the symptoms of Homoeopathic remedies, it is possible to connect them in order to select the right medicine.

By knowing the characteristic of houses and planets in ones horoscope, one can determine the key features and disposition of patient, the most important characteristics/features in the chart and the remedies to be covered.

After a complete case study, the physician comes to a group of remedies with the Horoscope which helps to distinguish these medicines by considering the key points.

From a Horoscope one can also understand how strong is the constitution by knowing the condition of his Ascendant and its Lord which will explained further with examples.The main keys to health are the state of Ascendant, its Lord and strength of malefic in the chart. I wouldn’t go in detail with regard to Astrology basics as one can learn the basic principals from a range of Astrology books available.

My outlook would be as to how to correlate Homoeopathy and Astrology and use it as a important diagnostic tool to differentiate various remedies when indicated in a patient so to come close to constitutional similitude to cure the patient in shortest possible time.