How are you at a risk of infertility?



Infertility is inability to conceive. Stating the obvious? Yes. But, do you know what habits could be causing it? You will be surprised to read that a lot of things contribute to it.


  1. Smoking

A cigarette a day might not sound much, but except for its action on the lungs (state the obvious) it will affect your baby making too!



A woman when ages doesn’t lose only her youthful skin but also, there is an increase in a tendency to miscarriages. So make sure you conceive before your late thirties’. Male fertility reduces after his forties.

  1. Alcohol consumption

Alcohol doesn’t only fry your liver but is a huge maintaining cause in reducing fertility. Reduce your alcohol consumption this new year!

  1. Obesity

Fat content in our body is greatly detrimental not only the general aspect but also might also cause infertility. In addition no exercising and leading a sedentary life is also a contributing factor. So pick up your running shoes!


  1. Over-exercising

Surprised? Your costly gym membership might just not pour a hole in your pocket but also in your health. Spending more than 7 or 8 hours a week exercising can change ovulation cycle.

  1. Mental stress

We all know our body is a reflection of our mind. Any mental harm will show a direct effect on our health. So take a relaxing weekend off your work.