Treat your diabetes with homoeopathy!

India leads in terms of diabetes all over the country. Every family has a diabetic. Your father, your mother and even your grandparents!

So, before we understand the help homoeopathy can offer lets read a little about diabetes.

What is diabetes?

In your average terms, diabetes is a disease where there is increased blood sugar level. So, when a non diabetic eats an average diet of lets say two rotis and some vegetables , the food is digested and absorbed as glucose into the blood. From this blood, glucose is carried to each and every part of your body, which is food for the tiny cells in you. This glucose is blood has to be maintained at a certain level by a hormone called insulin. If insulin is less, then blood sugar level as in, blood glucose increases. This can lead to serious complications!

What if my blood glucose is more? That is more food for my body!

That is absolutely wrong! for a healthy body balance is required and any increase or decrease is absolutely wrong! diabetes can cause a large number of complications such as,

  1. Neuropathy – This means you lose sensation at your limbs. Hence you wont be able to feel any injuriy, burns or ulcer causing no pain and hence causing late diagnosis
  2. Kidney damage- Diabetes has far reaching consequences on kidney, causing urinary troubles, retention of urine and even cause loss of control over urine.
  3. It can cause damage to the eye causing catract
  4. Damage to the heart, increased cholestrol
  5. Lot of skin conditions are also noticed



Does homoeopathy help in treatment of diabetes?


Yes it does!

1. In early stage of diabetes

Homoeopathy works wonders in early stage of diabetes, where the disease can still be reversed and without the side effects of allopathic medication. It will act on the pancreas to secrete healthy insulin and mainatain blood sugar level.Always choose homeopathic treatment for diabetes! We also work very well for autoimmune pancreatitis and other autoimmune or metabolic diseases causing diabetes. You can also carry out practices to boost your metabolism.

2. Diabetes and mental health

diabetes and increased blood sugar level can cause an increase in mood swings, loss of concentration, dizziness and disorientation which can be succesfully treated by homoeopathy. Hence, it is very important to get the correct treatment for diabetes and quickly!


3. Side effects

Medication for diabetes is usually in form of hormones, injections or heavy medication which causes dependency. Soon, your body will require an increased dosage and these medicines themselves have far reaching consequences causing further side effects starting from acidity, infertility to liver and kideny damage. Also you are furthermore dependent on these medications for the rest of your life.


4. Low blood sugar?

Usually these external pills and injections can cause sudden fluctuation in blood sugar level causing a strong action which can lead to spells of fainting and dizziness. This cannot occur in homoeopathy unless there is wide gap in eating habits or sudden dehydration etc.


5. Advanced diabetes

In cases of advanced diabetes where the patient is expereincing numbess and kidney damage homoeopathy can work wonders, reversing the disease without surgery or heavy medication.