What is homoeopathy?

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a science that works on YOU. It considers your whole body to be one person, and not a knee to be any different from the brain.

YOUR WHOLE BODY IS ONE. Why should we treat it any different?

The truth of homoeopathy.

Homeopathy as a science originated in Germany under Dr Hahnemann about 250 years ago! We treat a patient in completion, without side effects, without the need of steroids or any heavy medicines!

How a consultation works?

When we talk to a patient, we take about one hour or so. We take into consideration the,

  • Appetite , likes , dislikes
  • Sleep , dreams , sweating
  • EVERY SINGLE IMPORTANT SYMPTOM eg, some people claim that their throat pain is better by cold and some feel better by warm water. Such symptoms are of utmost importance and help us to prescribe the correct medicine.
  • Your mental stresses, anxieties, and in general behaviour, as we treat the mind and the body.

How will homeopathy treat me ?

It will correct the internal imbalance of the body, with the correct medicine and give the body the correct tools to treat itself naturally. We harness the body’s natural healing processes to make you healthy!

We suggest you look for yourself, watch our google ratings to see the thousands of patients we have treated. Homeopathy works wonders!

Homeopathy treats skin diseases

Homeopathic proof

There has been extensive research on how homeopathy has produced results. A lot of homeopaths treating serious conditions like renal stones, where an author treated two cases of severe renal colic , gangrene preventing amputation! You can understand our services as well, but we treat everything from allergies to polycystic ovarian disease and even cancer!