Priti, a 47 year old a market research analyst presents with chief complaints of “sweats and hot chills” (6-7 episodes/day), accompanied by increased emotional liability and crying outbursts over the past 3 months. She reports irregular periods over the last year (skipped 2 months without menses once, having heavier or lighter menstrual flow).

For the past 3 months, Priti  noticed that not only it has been taking longer to get to sleep, but also she has not been able to maintain sleep, waking up on average 3 times per night. She also noticed that some nights she wakes up sweating, which makes her very uncomfortable. She reports being more tired and with difficulty concentrating at work.

She has been using an over-the-counter  sleeping  pills because it “helps with headaches and helps her sleep”.  She has recently stopped taking painting classes as she has lost interest in social activities too.

She has never sought treatment because “it was not severe enough to affect her job or concentration the next day” and “it would go away when the periods come” , until one day her symptoms became very severe and had to visit her Homoeopath who gave her a detailed explanation that she was passing through the menopause stage.

What is Menopause?

Menopause is not a disease that needs to be cured, but a natural life-stage transition. It is commonly known as the “change of life”, is the period during which ovulation and menstruation comes to an end in a woman between the age of 45 and 50.

It is produced when there is a decrease in the secretion of hormones, estrogen and progesterone by the ovaries.

 Symptoms of Menopause…

  • Hot flushes and night sweats, sometimes with feeling faint or feeling your heart thumping fast (palpitations)
  • Headaches
  • Changes in the vagina, such as dryness, discomfort, itching
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Difficulty sleeping (insomnia)
  • Loss of interest in sex (libido)
  • Changes in mood, such as feeling tired, irritable, depressed or anxious
  • Having difficulty concentrating or poor memory – although this may be caused by life changes rather than the menopause itself
  • Urinary changes – you may find you have less control over urination (incontinence)
  • Bloating

 Role of Homoeopathy in Menopause….

The doctor took a detailed case study i,e- complete history right  from origin, duration     and any other health related issues. He took a detailed analysis of her nature and behaviour and prescribed a constitutional medicine on this basis.

With continued treatment, she noticed a gradual improvement .The first symptom that improved was Priti’s anxiety. She began feeling confident again and the episodes dissipated. She started sleeping well,  her mind began to feel clearer and she was able to accomplish her daily tasks. Her periods remained irregular, about every other month, which is normal in this stage of Menopause.

The homoeopathy treatment for Menopause entails a detailed study of the individuals constitution whereby the remedy that covers all aspects is prescribed.

There are few medicines I would like to mention which are frequently indicated in Menopause:

  • Pulsatilla :– It is indicated in mild and yielding types of patients. Patients needing pulsatilla find they have become more insecure during menopause and can’t bear to be alone .They tend to weep on slightest provocation and desire open air .They feel better with near and dear ones and love to be consoled. They tend to feel hot all the time with no desire for water.
  • Kali carb:- Indicated in females who find they are becoming irritable and quarrelsome especially before menses. Slight noise causes palpitation and feels uneasiness in the stomach. Have a tendency for obesity during menopause .They complain of anxiety especially related to family members at the same time get irritated on them.
  • Sepia :- Indicated in lean females who have complains of Leucorrhoea (white Discharge ) .They normally give history of abortions and never have been well since then. Females who feel depressed and indifferent towards loved one with no interest in sexual intercourse. They feel miserable after working in water like washing clothes and have no thirst for water.
  • Grafitis :- Personality traits are very close to Pulsatilla .They also have a tendency for obesity during menopause and complain of eczema with thick honey type of discharge from eruptions. They are indolent and fastidious with intolerance to cold weather.
  • Lachesis :– Complain of hot flushes. Feels miserable before menses and better by menses. Cannot tolerate tight clothing around neck, even jewellery. They find themselves becoming religious and tend to be loquacious.